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Own the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for RM100/month from U Mobile

U Mobile is now offering the Galaxy Note 10 on monthly instalment from as low as RM100/month. This is tied to its Unlimited Hero Postpaid plan which comes with unlimited calls, unlimited data and free data for roaming.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB

UPackage Instalment

The Galaxy Note 10 with 256GB of storage is going for RM100/month on Unlimited Hero P139 (RM139/month) on a 24-month contract. Alternatively, you can get it for RM110/month on a lower Unlimited Hero P99 (RM99/month) plan.

During sign up, you’ll need to pay 3 months device instalment and 3 subscription fee as an upfront payment. This means you’ll need to pay RM627 upfront on the P99 plan and RM717 for the P139 plan.

Normal Contract

If you prefer to get the device on a normal 24-month contract, the Galaxy Note 10 which retails for RM3,699 can be yours from as low as RM1,999 on the P139 plan. Interestingly, it is RM400 cheaper than the pre-order period. For a lower monthly commitment, the Galaxy Note 10 can be yours for RM2,499 on the P99 plan.

There’s no upfront payment for eligible existing U Mobile customers. Otherwise, you are required to pay RM504 as an upfront payment on the P99 plan or RM1,056 on the P139 plan. This amount will be rebated back to your account across 24 months.

Galaxy Note 10+ 256GB

UPackage Instalment

Meanwhile, the larger Galaxy Note 10+ 256GB which retails for RM4,199 is also available on U Mobile’s U Package at RM119/month with the P139 plan and RM129/month on P99. Similar to the Galaxy Note 10, you are also required to pay 3 months device instalment and 3 months subscription as an upfront payment during signup.

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Normal Contract

On a normal contract, the Note 10+ is going for RM2,399 on the P139 plan and RM2,999 on the P99 plan.

During sign up, you would need to pay RM504 (P99) or RM1,056 (P139) for the upfront payment. This can be waived for eligible existing customers.

For more info, you can check out U Mobile’s Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ pages.

Alexander Wong