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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ 3D Scanner is now available for download

People were visibly upset when the found out that the 3D scanner app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ was not available on the smartphone at launch. But, there’s good news because the app is finally available for download in the Galaxy Store.

If you’re interested in downloading this, you can either search for it in your Galaxy Store or follow this link. The app is less than 68.4MB in size so I would recommend downloading it over WiFi.

The idea of the 3D Scanner app is to take advantage of the brand new DepthVision camera to accurately scan 3D objects in the physical space. It’s kind of like what Sony showed off on the Xperia XZ1 with its Motion Eye memory stacked sensor but, with the new depth camera, it should theoretically be better. It sure as heck looked impressive during the keynote in New York City.

That being said, when I gave it a try, I didn’t really get what I’d call an accurate scan. Here’s a photo of the object I wanted to scan next to the actual GIF of the scan I was able to get with the 3D Scanner app.

I’ll be honest, I kind of expected a little more, but maybe I’m just really bad at this. I will say that the scanning process was more labour intensive that I had anticipated because you need to find a pedestal or some round table to place your object on. This is because you’ll need to walk around the entirety of the object with your phone pointed at it, trying not to let it get out of the green circle on the screen.

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It’s kinda like a game of Operation, I suppose.

In any case, download it for yourself and give it a try! You can share your creations with us over at RKMD.