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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ unboxing & hands-on

I’ve finally gotten my hands on a proper Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. No longer do I need to head to a Samsung experience store to check out this brand new phone, but now I can do it in the comfort of the SoyaCincau offices. In any case, I should warn you, I will be unboxing this in extreme detail going over minute things that you may or may not care about (but I think are pretty cool) so viewer discretion is advised.

I hope you enjoyed the video! If you want to learn more about this smartphone, you can check out our Related section at the end of this article for more deets (I’d recommend the one where I go through what I loved and hated because…well, self-promotion). In the meantime, we’ve also got a bunch of cool photos of the new phone that you can check out right here: