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Spotify is adding an “Explicit Content Filter” on its Family Plan accounts

The only distinctive thing about Spotify’s Premium Family Plan so far has mainly been that users are required to have the same registered addresses to be eligible for the shared subscription. However, Spotify is rolling out a family-focused feature to users in Ireland that allows the master account holder to set a filter for explicit content.

Basically, this will give parents the option to filter out content that has been flagged by Spotify as explicit, with the option (to turn the filter on) password-protected. To turn it on, the master account holder can do so by heading to the Family Hub—where they can also add or delete family members, or to update family addresses.

And Spotify is adding another family-centric feature to its Family Plan, with the addition of a new playlist: Family Mix. Similar to how Spotify curates other personalised playlists such as Discover Weekly, the app will curate songs for the playlist based on the listening habits of family members.

Thankfully, users will have the option to choose who is in each section, so the playlist won’t be dominated by one family member’s eccentric choice of music. While the update is only available to Spotify Premium Family Plan users in Ireland, Spotify says that the update will be rolled out to “all markets with Premium Family this fall”.

The Spotify Premium family plan is available in Malaysia for RM22.40/month, while the standard subscription costs RM14.90/month. However, the Family Plan supports up to 6 users per subscription, with each user having their own separate accounts. To qualify for a family plan, you have to have the same registered address as the master account holder. Users have to be 13 and above, and those under 18 are required to have consent from guardians.

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