Sony’s new turntable has Bluetooth support, and costs RM849

Sony has announced the arrival of the PS-LX310BT turntable in Malaysia, and it comes with a reasonably affordable price. Sony says that their turntable will combine the distinct quality that vinyl lovers enjoy with modern-day connectivity, with Bluetooth connectivity supported.

You can connect the Sony turntable to a set of Bluetooth speakers or headphones, or you can opt to go old school and use an audio cable—the PS-LX310BT comes with a built-in PHONO pre amp, which means that the turntable works with amplifiers that use a LINE connection.

In addition to that, Sony has included the one-step auto playback feature, which basically means that once you click Play, the turntable will automatically lower the tone arm, find the groove, play the record through either a paired Bluetooth device or wired speakers. Once the record ends, the tone arm automatically returns to its resting position.

2 operating speeds are supported: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM, which means that most vinyl records should be supported on Sony’s turntable. For some background, most full-size 12-inch records are produced to play at 33 1/3 RPM, though some will be at 45 RPM. Records that are produced to play at 78 RPM are pretty rare, so that won’t be much of an issue.

In addition to a dedicated Bluetooth button and an auto-play function, the turntable has a pretty nice-looking tactile finish, and its single-toned black theme lends itself to a minimalist design that should look pretty good in your living room. If you’d like to find out more, click here.

You can pick up the Sony PS-LX310BT at Sony Stores at, KLCC and The Curve. It’s also available at selected authorised dealers in Malaysia at RM849.