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Apple Arcade subscription could cost RM20/month when launched

Apple announced during the WWDC 2019 earlier this year that their subscription-based game service, Apple Arcade, will be launched in Q4 of this year. Seen as a direct competitor to the Google Stadia service that is also expected to launch soon, Apple has already explained that the Arcade will be based on a Netflix-style subscription service, where a monthly fee will give gamers access to all the games in their library.

Apple has already promised a library of over 100 games, which can be played across all supported iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple TVs—gamers will be able to continue games from one device to the next. There will also be a Family Sharing option, with up to 6 members sharing the subscription. How Apple will enforce that, it remains to be seen. But this could further improve the affordability of the service, which is certainly something that Apple Arcade could have over Google Stadia (that has plans to charge for certain titles).

That being said the price of the monthly fee will clearly be a large factor in the overall success of Apple Arcade. No details have been released as of yet, but it now appears that the monthly fee could be around US$4.99 (about RM20). According to this report, the information was taken from one of the APIs used by the App Store app, while subscriptions will include a one-month free trial.

Apple is also currently testing out the gaming service with its own employees, with subscription fees during this trial period set at a token 49¢ (about RM2) per month, with a one-month free trial. The end of this period is expected to be around the same time as when iOS 13 ships to customers.


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