Samsung may introduce a smartphone battery that can fully charge under 30 minutes

Batteries on smartphones have gone bigger and chargers have gotten faster as well. In a bid to push better batteries on mobile devices, it appears that Samsung is working on a new battery that can charge faster than before.

According to serial leakster, Evan Blass, Samsung may release at least one handset as early as next year or 2021 that uses graphene for its battery. There are no details yet on the actual device but he shared that it will be capable of getting a full charge in under a half-hour. He also mentioned that Samsung will need to raise capacities while lowering cost.

The use of graphene in batteries isn’t entirely new. Huawei has used the carbon-based material for their base station’s lithium-ion batteries. This helps to provide longer life-span, especially in high-temperature environments.

About two years ago, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) had patented a “graphene ball” technology which can prolong battery life by 45% and it offers quicker charge about 5 times faster.

According to a report by ZDnet, a typical lithium-ion battery that takes one hour to fully charge can be reduced to 12 minutes with this new technology. On top of that, the new battery technology that uses graphene ball is able to maintain temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius, making it practical for electric vehicle use. It will be interesting to see if Samsung can mass produce this type of battery for commercial smartphones by next year.

You can read the full findings of the use of graphene balls in lithium-ion batteries here.

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