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Do you take photos with your iPad Pro?

This is a genuine question, no flame. I’m honestly curious about the number of people who actually take photos with their iPad. I’ve always thought that the “iPad Photographer” was limited to less-than-tech-savvy aunties (no disrespect to the tech-savvy aunties) with their flip out cases and ability to forget that their smartphone probably has a better camera.

But, as it turns out, I could be very wrong because Apple might just put a triple camera system on their upcoming iPad Pro.

This information comes straight out of Macotakara (which I have been told is fairly reliable when it comes to Apple-related leaks) and according to a supplier out of China, the 2019 iPad Pro could very well be released with a triple lens camera.

Now, as with all leaks and rumours, you should take this with the appropriate amount of NaCl. But, I am a little curious as to why a triple camera system–that’ll likely not be too dissimilar to the one on the upcoming iPhone 11–is even necessary on a device like the iPad. Maybe, as someone who uses my iPad primarily for writing, editing and consuming videos, I’m missing another dimension to this discussion. Or maybe, it could have more to do with Augmented Reality (AR) features Apple has been pushing so hard on the iPad?

Which is why I’m throwing this question to you lovely people: Do you actually use your iPad’s camera? And if so, is a fancy triple camera setup going to make you want the new iPad Pro more?

In addition to the rumoured triple camera on the iPad Pro, Macotakara also reports that there could be a dual camera system on the new 10.2-inch iPad (that’s the non-Pro version).

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In any case, let me reiterate that these are just rumours (and the first we’ve heard of in this vein) so don’t take this as the gospel truth.