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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be cheaper than the S10+

We’re only a few days from the official launch of Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy Note 10 series, and there have already been leaks on the expected pricing of the the flagship smartphone. While Roland Quandt earlier predicted that Note 10 will be priced at €999 (about RM4,614) and €1,149 (about RM5,307) for the Note 10+ (for the 256GB storage variants), the well-placed leakster has now revealed the expected pricing of the series for the American market.

With prices pertaining to the 256GB version, the Galaxy Note 10 should go for US$949 (about RM3,943), while the larger Note 10+ will cost US$1,099 (about RM4,566). It must be noted that these prices are not inclusive of sales tax, which might be the reason why the leaked prices are slightly lower than those for the European market. Prices also vary for different markets, with European prices sometimes higher due to a different taxation system.

To give you some perspective, the predecessor to the upcoming Note 10 series, the Note 9, was priced during launch at US$999 (about RM4,150) for the 128GB storage variant, while its European price was €999 (about RM4,614). This seems to suggest that the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ will sandwich the previous Note 9 in terms of pricing, with the smaller Note 10 potentially offering a lot of value.

In addition to that, the 128GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ has a retail price of US$999 (about RM4,150) and €999 (about RM4,614) in American and European markets, which means that the upcoming Note 10 could have a cheaper launch price than the S10+ did in U.S. markets. Do note that the Note 10’s possible prices are for double the storage—256GB.

As Malaysian pricing is usually one of the cheapest globally, it’s safe to say that local pricing of the Galaxy Note 10 should be below the prices listed above, below the RM4,000 mark. Customers should also be able to get freebies and launch offers, with the possibility of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 being available in a bundle.

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In addition to that, images of the official accessories have also been leaked, with the View Cover in particular whetting the appetites of many users who’re planning to get the Note 10. This is in addition to a LED cover and a convenient-looking protective cover with a kickstand, so users won’t be short of options should they choose to purchase Samsung’s official accessories—they probably won’t be cheap, though.

These aren’t official releases in any way, but Roland Quandt has proved to be reliable when it comes to upcoming major releases, while he also provided leaked press images of the Galaxy Note 10 a few weeks ago. Suffice to say, attention on the flagship is reaching a crescendo now that everything has seemingly been put in place for an official launch for this week—we’ll be sure to cover all the news on its release, so be sure to check back regularly for updates.


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