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Police found no explosives at KL Sentral following bomb threat tweets

Yesterday evening there were tweets alleging that bombs were placed in Kuala Lumpur. The Royal Malaysian Police had conducted a search with its K9 and bomb unit, and they found no suspicious objects. It is believed that the information was false.

According to a statement shared by journalist, Sumisha Naidu, KL Sentral is currently deemed safe. Train operations, as well as businesses around KL Sentral, were closed as of 11:00pm.

In a separate incident yesterday, an object believed to be explosive material was found in the lawn of a house in Bukit Damansara at around 5pm. The police had received a report of the incident at around 10:00pm.

After examining the object, it has been confirmed that the object was an incomplete IED (Improvised Explosive Device). The Royal Malaysian Police is still conducting their investigation with assistance from the MCMC to trace the owner of the Twitter account that sent the original tweets. The Twitter profile description indicates that it was hacked by another individual.

The tweet had also alleged that a bomb has been placed in the Russian Embassy in Jalan Ampang and this is also believed to be false. The general public is urged to contact the KL Police hotline at 03 2115 9999 or the Brickfields centre at 03 2297 9268 if there’s any information that can assist in the investigation.

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Alexander Wong