ConnectMe Satellite broadband now offers free 3 months subscription for new registration

If you need fast broadband and you don’t have good 4G or fibre broadband coverage, ConnectMe is an alternative solution that uses satellite connectivity. In conjunction with the 62nd Merdeka celebration, the satellite broadband provider is offering free 3 months off for new subscriptions.

Do note that this promotion is offered for the first 62 subscribers that sign up for the Ultimate Package with the promo code “Merdeka62” before 31st August 2019.

At the moment, they are offering two plan options for residential users. The base RM98/month plan comes with 60GB of quota. There’s also an unlimited “Ultimate” option at RM138/month.

Like most fixed broadband plans, ConnectMe is tied with a 24-month contract. You’re also required to pay a one-month advance subscription fee and another one-month advance as a deposit. If you’re staying in West Malaysia, there’s an RM300 installation fee and it will cost RM600 in East Malaysia. Additional charges may apply if the installation location is more than 30km from the nearest city.

In terms of speed, the broadband provider advertises 25Mbps for downloads and previously, they had demonstrated a speed test that achieves close to 20Mbps downloads while it’s raining. Since this is a satellite connection, you can expect a higher ping of 500ms since it takes a quarter of a second (250ms) to reach the satellite (one-way). For uploads, it is much slower at about 1Mbps.

This is certainly not recommended for online gaming but it should be good enough for video streaming and the usual web browsing. The benefit of having a satellite connection is that you can get 100% coverage anywhere in Malaysia even in places where you can’t get a decent mobile signal.

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For more info, you can check out ConnectMe’s website.


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