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Huawei tells Singaporeans: we want to make it right

Huawei’s recent campaign in Singapore has become a rather notorious affair, after the Chinese company’s recent National Day campaign went awry. Large crowds of elderly folks (the promo was exclusive to those over 50) had queued up—some since the wee hours of the morning—to purchase the Huawei Y6 Pro, which was available for a discounted price of SG$54.

However, customers lining up at select Huawei outlets reportedly told sources that each store only had 30 units available for the promotion which drew the ire of the crowds that had lined up for the heavily-discounted smartphone. This all happened on the first day of what was supposed to be a 3-day campaign, which brought up questions on Huawei’s entire planning, and execution, of the campaign.

Huawei has now announced in an official statement on Facebook that they want to “make it right”, and will do so by giving the 5,000 customers that registered during the promotion a SG$100 voucher for Huawei smartphones. Individuals that registered can expect to be contacted within 2 weeks from the 2nd of August 2019.

The Chinese tech giant also explained that the “poor consumer experience” for the initial campaign was due to an underestimation of the overall demand, while Huawei also said, “We had set out to create an offer at an affordable value for our respected senior citizens of our country but instead have caused upset among many. We are truly sorry for all the distress that was caused and we will be sure to be more mindful of our plans in the future.”

Huawei’s move to make amends, while necessary, will come at pretty high cost. The SG$100 voucher, for example, would reduce the price of the Y6 Pro to SG$48—cheaper than the promotional price. The voucher will also be able to be used for any Huawei model, which does make it a decently valuable freebie. All in all, the entire reconciliatory measure should cost them around SG$500,000, with 5,000 customers to get SG$100 vouchers.

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