Android Auto has a new interface and it’s rolling out now

Google has started to roll out its Android Auto update which offers a more simplified and personal experience. If you have Android Auto enabled in your car, Google says you should be getting the new design over the next few weeks. According to Google, the updated interface offers improved visibility with easy to read fonts. There’s also a dark theme and the option to add colourful accents to match your car’s interior.

The new Android Auto brings a new app launcher which is designed to help you get to your favourite apps with fewer taps. When you tap on the bottom left button to open the app launcher, the most commonly used apps will be displayed on the top row.

Some supported apps will come with a tiny Google Assistant badge. This allows you to get Google Assistant to read out your calendar, weather report, news or set a reminder for you.

For music playback, the new update allows you to resume your current track or podcast for a seamless experience. This feature is enabled for auto-enabled media apps on the Google Play Store.

The navigation app has been tweaked as well and you can view your music controls at the bottom of the screen. If you’re on a supported music player, you’ll also get a glimpse of your next navigation direction on the same bar.

On the bottom right of the screen, there’s a shortcut to view your notification and this will display both missed calls and unread messages. For a hands-free experience, you can use “Hey Google” to return calls or to reply to messages. Do note that these updates will not be reflected on Android Auto for phone. At the moment, Android Auto isn’t officially supported in Malaysia but you can get it to work by sideloading the APK file to your phone.

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Alexander Wong