Wireless Apple CarPlay access available soon for BMW owners in Malaysia but it will cost extra

The wireless access to Apple CarPlay via BMW’s ConnectedDrive system will soon be available for BMW owners in Malaysia, according to paultan.org citing information from BMW Malaysia’s official website. However, the feature — called the Apple CarPlay Preparation — comes with an extra cost.

It starts from RM5 for a one month trial, RM513 for a 12-month subscription, RM799 for a 36-month subscription and go all the way up to RM1,899 for unlimited access. The feature is offered on compatible BMW models.

Normally, Apple CarPlay can be accessed via a wired connection from the iPhone to the car and this feature is still available in BMW vehicles but if you want to use Apple CarPlay without using a cable, it looks like BMW feels that the wireless connection option offers a convenience that its customers are willing to pay a healthy sum for.

In terms of functionality, the wireless Apple CarPlay connection works very much like the wired connection and you don’t actually get any additional functions aside from the convenience of a wireless connection.

While it does seem odd that BMW would charge a hefty amount for a seemingly simple feature should be free the company tells paultan.org that the decision is a global directive from Apple, and BMW has nothing to gain from it.

In any case, if you’re a BMW owner, save the money and just connect your iPhone to your car via a cable, it’s not that big of a deal.

Amin Ashaari