iOS 12.4 update introduces wireless phone migration and fixes Walkie Talkie security issue

Apple has just rolled out its new iOS 12.4 update alongside watchOS 5.3 and macOS 10.14.6. For iPhone users that switch devices regularly, there’s now a new feature which makes it easier to move from one iPhone to another.

According to the iOS 12.4 update details, Apple has introduced the ability to wirelessly transfer data and migrate directly from an old iPhone to a new one during the initial setup. This is probably good news for those who have lots of photos and videos but currently do not have sufficient iCloud storage.

On top of that, it also brings a couple of security fixes which also addresses the Walkie-Talkie issue. The push to talk communication feature was recently disabled as it was found to have a vulnerability which may put your privacy at risk. Fortunately, Apple had quickly disabled the feature after it was reported and now you can enable it back after updating to the latest iOS and watchOS version.

iOS 12.4 also enables FaceTime video and audio calling for iPhone and iPad devices sold in Pakistan. The FaceTime feature was previously restricted in Pakistan since the iPhone 6.

To update iOS, just go to Settings > Generation > Software Update.

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Alexander Wong