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This airline just gave everyone on board a free Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has been making headlines recently, with the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite as well as an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch both sparking a fair amount of discussion in the gaming community.

But it turns out that Nintendo is keen to amp up the hype around the handheld/console gaming device, after news surfaced that an entire flight’s worth of passengers were treated to a complimentary Nintendo Switch, along with a bundled Super Mario Maker 2 game.

On a flight to San Diego, Southwest Airlines (in partnership with Nintendo, of course) recently gave every passenger on board the free bundle. Thanks to the power of social media, the entire process was documented on Twitter by a few happy passengers.

First, a user Tweeted that the giveaway was already being teased prior to boarding:

Once everyone was on board, passengers were then told that they would be given vouchers for a free Nintendo Switch console, along with Super Mario Maker 2. Upon landing, the passengers were taken aside where they were given a chance to swap their vouchers for their brand new consoles.

An upgraded Nintendo Switch with longer battery-life (that seems to be the only differentiating factor from the previous model, for now) as well as the Nintendo Switch Lite will be coming soon, and we can only hope that Nintendo’s PR team takes giveaways such as these to our shores soon.

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Improbable, but one can only hope.