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GoCar introduces Car subscription service, starts from RM800 for the first month

Car sharing platform, GoCar, has introduced a new subscription-based service where you can get a car without being tied down to lengthy loans and lease agreements. Imagine being able to drive a car in Malaysia and have the flexibility to terminate the subscription at any time, similar to Netflix and Spotify.

Unlike a typical car lease, you can subscribe to the service with a minimum of one-month commitment and place a refundable security deposit of RM2,500. At the moment, they are offering the Nissan Almera at RM1,600/month and the Renault Captur at RM2,500/month.

50% off promo

At the moment, GoCar is offering a 50% off promo for the first month of your subscription. This means your first-month subscription will cost you RM800 for the Nissan Almera and RM1,250 for the Renault Captur. Do note that the promo is running from 10 July until 9 October 2019 and it is tied to a minimum commitment of 3 months. If you cancel before the 3 months period, you will lose your security deposit.

What’s included?

According to GoCar, the subscription includes insurance, road tax, car maintenance and 24/7 customer service with roadside assistance. Petrol is not included but GoCar will hand over the keys with a full tank during the collection.

To subscribe, you’ll need to be a GoCar user and you may add up to two extra drivers which are also required to be GoCar users as well. Only registered GoCar users under the subscription agreement are permitted to drive.

Things you should know

According to the GoCar subscription FAQ, the service is open to drivers aged 19 to 75 years old and they must possess an NRIC or passport, as well as a valid driving licence or international driving permit. The subscription billing period will begin on the day of collection and they currently only accept bank transfer as mode of payment, which is a bummer. According to the T&C, the refund is done via GoPocket points for any excess charges.

The FAQ also mentions that if your car breaks down or is sent for maintenance, GoCar can make arrangements to provide you with a replacement vehicle. After the maintenance is done, the team will return the original vehicle to you.

If suddenly there’s a period where you don’t need the car, you are able to pause your subscription up to a maximum of 3 months. If you’re interested, you can check out the GoCar Subscription page.


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