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Nintendo is releasing official Pokémon bubble tea

To be honest, I was pretty incredulous when I first caught wind of news that The Pokémon Company has announced an official line of Pokémon-themed bubble tea drinks that will be available this summer.

The drinks will be available in Sweet Dynasty Bubble Tea Drink Bars in Japan from 540 yen (around RM20), 17 July to the end of September, with a special pop-up store also selling the teas at Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. New Hall from 10-16 July, and then again from 31 July to 13 August.

There will be a total of 6 flavours that you can choose from, including Eevee Milk Bubble Tea, Plenty of Pikachu Melon Soda Bubble Tea, Bulbasaur Matcha Bubble Tea, Pikachu Bubble Mango Smoothie Bubble Tea, Plenty of Pikachu Rainbow Soda Bubble Tea and a Mew Watermelon Smoothie Bubble Tea. Quite a mouthful.

I can’t attest to whether these tasted any good, but Pokémon fans will certainly enjoy these: