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This is what the new Nintendo Switch could look like

Nintendo fans have been baying for a refresh of the original Nintendo Switch for quite awhile now, haven’t they? Originally introduced in March of 2017, the popular console is due for an update sometime late this year, and will possibly come in 2 variants—a ‘pro’ version, and a portable version.

Leakster Roland Quandt, known for his accurate predictions, recently tweeted an image of a silicone case made by one of Nintendo’s official accessory licensees. The first thing to take away here is that the case seems to be a pull-over sleeve, that would suggest that the upcoming mini’ version of the Switch will depart from the Switches popular, iconic modular design.

On Winfuture, Quandt also published a clearer picture of the case:

It seems that the Switch Mini (or whatever it will be called) will be pretty different from the original Nintendo Switch, with the leaked cases suggesting that portable console will not come with detachable Joy-Con controllers. The button layout is, however, identical to the current model.

This will have some consequences on how you utilise the Switch to begin with. One of the original Switch’s key selling-factors was its versatility. You could dock it and play it on a bigger display, you could carry it around à la Gameboy, or you could even detach the Joy-Cons from the Switch, flip them horizontally, and set up a quick split-screen multiplayer game session on the go.

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Games like Super Mario Odyssey will definitely be different with the new setup, with the game allowing Player 2 to grab one Joy-Con and control Mario’s hat (it’s a lot more fun that it sounds). In addition to that, fixed Joy-Cons would also mean that you’d need to buy a Pro Controller or another set of Joy-Cons to use while the Switch is docked. And what about the dock? If it doesn’t come along with the Switch Mini, this will be another added cost for gamers.

It remains to be seen. But the leaks do tally with a previous leak from Honson, another accessory manufacturer:

Even if the all-in-one device above doesn’t fit your fancy, the ‘Pro’ or flagship version of the upcoming Switch will probably still retain its modular design. If it doesn’t, you can count this writer among the many that will be disappointed. After all, what’s cooler than having a quick session of Mario Kart at the local Kopitiam?

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