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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has fixed its photo and video issue

Yesterday evening at approximately 10:30 pm Malaysian time, many had faced difficulty uploading and loading new photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Unsurprisingly, some even complained to their mobile network or broadband provider thinking that it was a network performance issue. There was a surge of complaints reported on and it’s a problem which affects not just Malaysia but users worldwide.

Facebook had acknowledged the issue on Twitter after midnight and they have just updated that the problem has been fixed at around 8.00am this morning. According to Facebook, the issue had caused some people and businesses having trouble uploading and sending images, videos and files through their apps and platforms. The same announcement was also made on the official Instagram account on Twitter.

According to Facebook Developer’s status page, the problem was classified as a partial outage and they described it as a degraded performance issue that affects their platform API endpoints. This is probably one the longest outages yet as it took more than 8 hours to resolve, which is practically the whole day for those in the US.

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At the time of writing, everything seems to be working fine. If you’ve sent a WhatsApp image or uploaded a Facebook photo during the period, they should be showing up right now. This is the fourth major Facebook downtime we’ve reported since November last year but at least this time, you can still send and receive text messages and view text content across their platforms.

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