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iPhone 11 design leaks confirmed, and it doesn’t look good

With all of the drama going on with competitor Huawei, the limelight has been taken away from Apple in recent weeks. Rumours suggest that Apple’s iPhone lineup for 2020 is going to be pretty interesting, but things aren’t all peachy at Apple—the iPhone 11 will reportedly not feature their cutting-edge Quantum Dot image sensors due to cost, while all iPhones were recently revealed to have an exploitable security flaw.

And if you were hoping for the iPhone to have a fresh design, you could be disappointed with predictions that the iPhone 11 will look… somewhat dated. YouTuber Filip Koroy (@EverythingApplePro) managed to get his hands on some iPhone 11 cases recently, and it turns out that the cases fit perfectly with moulds made from leaked schematics.

The biggest camera bump, and that notch

This means that the upcoming iPhone will feature some of the most different/controversial/weird redesigns in a long time, with the infamous notch coming back again, while the camera module will be the largest camera bump of the history of iPhones, ever.

Coupled with the renders designed by artist Concept Creator along with noted leakster OnLeaks, the upcoming line of iPhone will also possibly be even thicker than the last flagship, the iPhone XS Max.

This all comes in light of news that Apple’s chief designer, Jony Ive, will be leaving the company at the end of the year. However, it’s not clear if Ive had any input for the latest iteration in the iPhone series. Bloomberg reported that Ive hasn’t had any serious input with Apple’s products ever since the original Apple Watch.

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But then again, it’s hard to think of an iPhone that hasn’t had negative feedback in the lead-up to its launch.

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