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Cloudflare’s performance issue caused major problems for a lot of websites around the world

About 9.45pm this evening, a large number of websites including and SoyaCincau BM were inaccessible, showing “502 Bad Gateway” errors. The problem originates from Cloudflare, a service which a lot of websites depend on for DDoS attack protection and content caching.

On Cloudflare’s status page, they had reported performance issues at 9:52pm (Malaysian time). About 23 minutes later, Cloudflare updated that they have implemented a fix and are monitoring the results.

According to Cloudflare, they had experienced a major outage which affected services globally. They noticed a spike in CPU which causes their primary and secondary systems to fail, however, they managed to restore services to normal within 30 minutes.

At the time of posting, most websites that use Cloudflare are now up and running. For Cloudflare users, do note that Cloudflare analytics is not available and they are still working to resolve the issue.

The irony is that many website outage checkers such as and were not accessible during the outage.

Alexander Wong