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Huawei has sold 10 million P30 devices in 85 days despite U.S. ban

Huawei has certainly had its hands full over the past few months or so—besides the U.S. ban, they’ve also been involved in court cases against former employees. The entire dispute with the U.S. government has also caused a ripple effect with other American companies that are prohibited from dealing with them, with FedEx reportedly also bringing a claim in court against the U.S. government.

In fact, the CEO and founder of Huawei has revealed that their international sales have dropped a staggering 40% due to the ban. But that doesn’t seem to be holding Huawei back, with reports showing that sales numbers for Huawei’s flagship P30 series have reached 10 million—in only 85 days.

This marks an improvement over the previous P20 series (2 months faster) as the sales over 3 months figure is a new record for Huawei smartphones. Huawei has also sold a total of 100 million devices up till May 2019 this year; indicative of more progress from the Chinese tech manufacturers, the P30 Pro received the “Best Smartphone” award from the European Hardware Awards.

What about the ban?

As we’ve discussed, the Huawei ban only prohibits U.S. governmental agencies from buying Huawei technology, and American companies in general from dealing with Huawei. This has had many ramifications beyond Huawei’s consumer tech such as smartphones, with American companies starting to feel the pressure.

The numbers discussed in this article are somewhat independent of the ban for now, with Huawei smartphones still continuing to support Google apps and services for existing devices for now. However, with reports of a new OS being developed by Huawei for future smartphones, the next few months/years could be crucial for the continued progress of Huawei’s consumer devices.

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