Touch n Go eWallet offers Money Back Guarantee, full compensation in 5 days

TNG Digital has announced a new Money Back Guarantee policy for its eWallet platform. This provides greater peace of mind as Touch ‘n Go promises to provide full compensation within 5 days if your TNG eWallet is being charged with unauthorised purchases or reloads.

The eWallet boasts enhanced security features to protect you from any risk of losing your money through unauthorised transactions. Behind the scenes, there’s AI and Machine Learning that helps to track and analyse data to detect and prevent unauthorised activities. On top of that, there’s a dedicated risk team that provides additional monitoring and to strengthen its backend security system.

According to TNG Digital CEO, Syahrunizam Samsudin, this policy is a commitment to future-proof Malaysia’s ePayment ecosystem and to better serve users by giving them the confidence to fully adopt a digital lifestyle. He added that users can trust Touch ‘n Go and to continue to pay confidently, knowing that the transactions are protected and refund is available for any unauthorised transactions.

In order to enjoy this Money Back Guarantee protection, all Touch ‘n Go eWallet users are urged to verify their eWallet accounts and it will require you to snap a picture of your IC or passport, along with a selfie picture of yourself. The account will be verified within 48 hours and this will also increase your eWallet size to RM5,000. You’ll also get the ability to transfer funds to another eWallet user.

If you spot any unauthorised transactions, you can submit a report within 60 days from the date of the unauthorised transaction. After that, you will receive a full compensation within 5 working days upon investigation and confirmation from Touch ‘n Go’s team.

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According to the FAQ, the daily cut off time is 5pm between Monday to Friday. Submissions after 5pm will be processed the next working day.

You can read the full details including the FAQ and T&C here.

Alexander Wong