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Malaysian government launches YouTube ads on child sexual harrassment

Earlier today, the Women, Family, and Community Development Ministry launched a new ad campaign on YouTube with the aim of raising awareness on sexual harassment among preschoolers and children.

Dato’ Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the Deputy Prime Minister, explained that children need to be educated on the dangers of sexual harassment early on. The video also explains what constitutes a ‘bad touch’, and helps young children identify signs of danger.

“Especially taking into account that these sexual predators may be relatives or people that they know, we hope that the children will be aware of the matter early on.”

Dato’ Wan Azizah at the launch event at Putrajaya.

The series is made up of 5 videos that take different, easy-to-understand approaches to educating children on identifying inappropriate sexual behaviour, and how to prevent or reach to such behaviour.

In addition to that, hotlines are also provided within the video that users can use to make reports: Talian Kasih 15999 and Help Line 999. Dato’ Wan Azizah further explained that many young children are now regular users of YouTube, which provides the reasoning for the campaign.

Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh also said that the videos will be circulated over parliamentary constituency and community WhatsApp groups, while the ministry will be working with Google to monitor the success of the campaign—the aim is to reach a target audience of 150,000 this year.

You can view the rest of the videos on KPWKMTV’s YouTube channel here.

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