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Sony’s beautiful LSPX-S2 glass speaker is now available in Malaysia

To many, a speaker is something you tuck away in a corner not to be seen, only to be heard but to a few, speakers can also serve as a decorative centrepiece. One that is to be admired by how it looks as well as how it sounds.

For those people, Sony’s new LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker fits the bill. If anything, the speaker looks more like an expensive modern candle holder. And with a price tag of RM2,500, this speaker is not for the average consumer. However, underneath the exquisite design lie some serious piece of tech.

This is not Sony’s first glass speaker. The big brother to the S2 is the LSPX-S1, which is also a glass and aluminium speaker and it introduced to the world Sony’s design prowess in blending form and function.

While the S1 wasn’t the best speaker you can get for the price, it wasn’t a slouch either. Just don’t expect thumping bass or particularly rich audio but wouldn’t be disappointed either. If you’re interested, Sony still makes the S1 and it retails for RM3,199 on Lazada.

The LSPX-S2 carries on the lineage with new hardware and sound processing updates. Battery life is improved from just four hours on the S1 to eight hours in the S2.

You also get 32 levels of brightness from the LED-light and there’s even a mode that mimics the flickering of a candle’s light if you’re in the mood.

In terms of sound, Sony has developed a unique Advanced Vertical Drive Technology with sound drivers that vibrate the glass essentially turning it into a speaker 360-degree speaker.

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The speaker also supports Hi-Res Audio compatible allowing for higher sound sampling rates to reproduce sound the way the artist intended.

Like all wireless speakers, connectivity is via Bluetooth with NFC support for fast and easy pairing. There’s also a dedicated button on the speaker that lets it play tunes from your Spotify directly without needing to go through your phone.

You can also connect with up to 10 other compatible Sony audio devices over a Wi-Fi network to play a song in multiple rooms in your house.

The LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker is now available in Sony Stores KLCC & The Curve and selected authorised dealers. It retails for RM2,599.

Amin Ashaari