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Confirmed: The Mac Pro does not grate cheese well at all

The Mac Pro was unveiled by Apple at the WWDC 2019 for a tidy fee of around RM25,000 for the base model, and that’s not including a monitor display (or a stand for the display, for that matter). Initial impressions of the Apple’s powerhouse were clear—it’s very expensive, customisable, and has the frankly astonishing capacity for 1.5TB of memory.

And of course, there’s the design of the Mac Pro. Its uncanny resemblance to a cheese grater has been a source of jokes and memes all over the social media, which made me wonder: How good of a cheese grater would a RM25,000 Mac Pro be?

YouTuber Winston Moy took up the challenge, and literally manufactured a replica of a part of the Mac Pro’s chassis (I assume that Winston will not be using an actual Mac Pro in the future, but one can only hope).

The 7-minute video follows Moy as he designs and machines the “Cheese Grater Pro, the world’s least functional $999 kitchen accessory”. The YouTuber goes to great pains to ensure that the model (appears to be) made to scale, and finishes the process before the 6-minute mark.

Sadly, the Cheese Grater Pro doesn’t fare too well against softer cheeses, although Moy explains that something like a Pecorino Romano block of cheese works with the expensive cheese grater a lot better.

Moy ends the video by repurposing his DIY grater as a soap dish—while the Mac Pro doesn’t work too well as a cheese grater, don’t discount the potential for Apple to expand its product lines towards bathroom products.

“The performance of the Mac Pro as a cheese grater is unsurprisingly disappointing…”