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Gobind Singh is giving TM a month to report its proposed solution to tackle the Streamyx issue

Gobind Singh, the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, has urged TM to come out with a solution for Streamyx customers as soon as possible. He wants TM to give special attention to customers that are complaining about getting slow speeds while paying high subscription fees.

The minister had shared that several solutions have been proposed after several rounds of discussions. He says that TM should come out with an immediate decision and to announce its strategy to solve the problem. Gobind had been pressuring TM about the Streamyx issue since last year, and the Minister had also assured that the government will take all steps it can to assist TM in addressing the challenges.

Following a meeting with the new TM CEO, Datuk Noor Kamarul, Gobind is confident that TM will be able to resolve the issues under its new leadership. The minister has requested TM to present a report on the ongoing Streamyx issue within a month.

TM has also issued a statement on the matter:

We have met with YB Minister and are fully committed to resolving this issue. We will be submitting the proposal within the month and will make an announcement in due course. Meanwhile we will continue to explore various fit-for-purpose technologies as well as optimising existing industry mechanisms in order to deliver a better broadband experience nationwide.

In a recent interview, Datuk Noor Kamarul had shared that he has big plans to increase connectivity throughout Malaysia. He admitted that TM had failed to extend connectivity with the right medium and the telecommunications company has been focusing only on one medium to roll out coverage while struggling to make returns of investments. The new CEO had shared that TM will explore all mediums which include both wireless and wired connectivity to increase coverage.

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Recently, YTL Communications had revealed a possible solution to tackle the Streamyx problem using Giga Wire. The technology is capable of delivering gigabit speeds over existing copper wires and based on YTL’s own testing, the technology can achieve download speeds as high as 867Mbps. For areas without fibre as a backhaul, YTL shared that underserved areas can be connected using Terragraph. Using the latest Qualcomm chipsets, Terragraph is expected to be able to provide as high as 4.6Gbps of bandwidth wirelessly by end of this year.

As of 2018, it is reported that TM has 1.27 million Streamyx customers throughout Malaysia. For home users, 1Mbps Streamyx is going for RM110/month while its highest 8Mbps option is going for RM160/month. Meanwhile, for commercial users, the Biz plan is priced from RM198/month for 1Mbps. In areas where fibre is available, you can get a 30Mbps broadband for as low as RM79/month.


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