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Here’s how you can find petrol stations with Euro 5 Diesel on your smartphone

If you’re driving a modern turbo-diesel powered vehicle, it is likely that you’ll need to use Euro 5 Diesel. Unfortunately, this fuel type isn’t widely available and finding a petrol station that has it can be challenging. Now there’s an easier way to locate your nearest Euro 5 Diesel pump using the Setel app.

To recap, Setel is a fuel-centric digital payment app that allows you to pay for fuel via your smartphone. With its current version, there’s now an option to filter the list of petrol stations by Fuel Type.

With this feature, you can filter by selecting Petronas Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 from the list. The station with your selected fuel will be shown on the map or alternatively, there’s also list view which is sorted based on distance.

If you tap on the name of the station, you can navigate directly using Google Maps and Waze. For iPhone users, you can even navigate via Apple Maps. The filter feature can also be used to locate your nearest Petronas station with an ATM, Surau or even F&B outlets such as KFC, McDonald’s and Starbucks. The Setel app is available for both Android and iOS.

Alternatively, you can also find Euro 5 Diesel stations from other brands via their respective station locator tools as listed below. Although some of them are mobile optimised, they are best viewed on a desktop computer. Unfortunately, Petron doesn’t seem to offer a proper search tool with fuel type filter.

CaltexStation Locator (Select Filter > Fuel Types > Euro 5 Diesel)
ShellStation Locator
BHPStation Locator
PetronasStation Locator

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