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What happens when robots fight back?

When you think of robots, only one name comes to mind — Boston Dynamics. The company is pretty much leading the race to fully bipedal autonomous artificial intelligence robots.

And to show how much progress they’ve made, once in a while the company will release a video showing their robots being tested. The tests being done on the robots are quite brutal involving hockey sticks and kicks but its all in the name of science, to see how well the artificial intelligence adapts to changing and unpredictable conditions.

That is until things get out of hand as you can see in this video.

In the video, you see what looks to be lab technicians from a company called Bosstown Dynamics putting a bipedal robot that looks very simillar to Atlas — the robot developed by Boston Dynamics — to the test. It’s a brutal regime with the robot being hit with a hockey stick, a wine bottle, a chair, and even being hit with a whip and shot.

Finally, the robot had enough and the tables were turned culminating to the robot holding the technicians hostage at gunpoint.

Realistic CGI

The video is obviously fictional but thanks to the amazing CG work done by Corridor Digital — the team that created the video, you’d be forgiven to think that it was real.

But it comes to no surprise that if anyone would be able to pull this off, it would be them. The nine-man studio is no stranger to creating amazing content. The studio had previously co-written, co-directed and produced the Battlefield-inspired web series Rush and produced and directed the YouTube Red series Lifeline, which was executive produced by Dwayne Johnson.

Here’s how the team at Corridor Digital made the Bosstown Dynamics video:

Amin Ashaari