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Google Pixel 4 caught on camera for the first time

Shortly after the Pixel 4 was teased by Google, a working unit was recently spotted in the wild. The device was in a case and it is pretty obvious that it’s the Pixel 4 judging from the huge Huawei Mate 20 Pro inspired camera bump.

The image was sent by an anonymous tipster to 9to5Google and according to the source, the picture was snapped in London. Although they didn’t get a picture of the front, the tipster said the device has a large forehead that houses two front-facing cameras, similar to the current Pixel 3 series.

As revealed by Google, the Pixel 4 will come with a dual-camera setup and it will ditch its signature dual-tone back. You can expect it to run on the latest Snapdragon 855 processor with a stock Android Q experience out of the box.

The camera capability on the Google Pixel series has always been one of the best in the industry and it’s more impressive that it uses a single camera for the rear. Similar to Huawei, the device uses computational photography to enhance its imaging capabilities. One of the recent additions is Night Sight and even Rory thinks it’s better than the Huawei Mate 20 Pro’s Night Mode.


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