Stop sharing viral sex video or risk jail time warns MCMC

The MCMC has issued a sternly worded warning against uploading and sharing of sexually explicit content on the internet following the spread of the viral sex video allegedly linked to a political figure.

In a statement share to us, MCMC said that under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia act, offenders can be fined up to RM50,000 or jailed for a year or both.

At the same time, MCMC also said that it will investigate cases where sexually offensive content is being shared online and will not hesitate to block websites that committed the offence. The commission will also be working with platforms like Facebook to curb the spread of sexually offensive content.

“MCMC will continue to take appropriate measures to monitor the dissemination of content that violates the provisions of national law. MCMC will not hesitate to take decisive action and bring those involved to justice,” the statement said.

Under Facebook’s community standards, there is a provision for the sharing of “adult nudity and sexual activity” in which explicitly sexual content will be removed while content depicting nudity posted for education, humorous or satirical purposes or as a form of protest is allowed.

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