The Samsung Galaxy Fold could be released as early as July

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been delayed indefinitely and now it appears that the foldable device might make its return as early as next month. According to a South Korean report, a high-ranking Samsung official has shared that a media conference will be held in June and the device will be released to the media in advanced. Based on the same report, DJ Koh, the president and CEO of IT & Mobile communications division of Samsung Electronics, has hinted that the Galaxy Fold could be making its appearance in July.

The Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s first foldable device and it was supposed to be released on 26 April. Just days after Samsung had distributed the devices to selected media and influencers, the Galaxy Fold started exhibiting problems with the display. It is suspected that gaps around the hinges may allow unwanted particles or dirt to enter the device, which can cause problems to the folding mechanism. Another issue was the extra layer of plastic on the screen which several reviewers had taken off, assuming it was just a regular “screen protector”.

Apparently, Samsung has been made necessary improvements for the Galaxy Fold which include inserting the extra protective layer into the main body and to minimise the exposure of the hinge area. It was also reported that the device is still undergoing testing by telcos with end users.

In the US, retailer Best Buy had cancelled all pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold as there was no update of its availability from Samsung. In Malaysia, the local launch was originally scheduled to take place on 3rd May 2019.


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