The iPhone will lose most of its 3D Touch features with iOS 13

Apple’s latest iOS 13 brings a host of new features which makes your iPhone more productive and efficient than before. Unfortunately, it appears that the new mobile operating system is killing off the 3D Touch, a feature that was introduced on all new models since the iPhone 6S except for the iPhone SE and iPhone XR. The feature allows you to access additional menu options or get a preview of links when you perform a hard tap on the display.

This means all iOS devices including the iPad and 7th gen iPod Touch will get a non-pressure sensitive Haptic Touch interaction, and this is seen as a move to create a consistent interaction across all mobile devices. Haptic Touch was first introduced on the iPhone XR since the device’s display doesn’t support 3D Touch. Since it can’t detect pressure, haptic touch is activated by long presses and you can let go once you’ve felt the haptic vibration.

Personally, I feel 3D Touch is quicker and more intuitive compared to Haptic Touch. As mentioned by 9to5mac, iOS 13 simply removes that speed and convenience.

Fortunately, the 3D Touch feature isn’t completely removed as Apple has retained it on the iPhone lock screen for activating torch and camera. On top of that, you can still use 3D touch with the on-screen keyboard where you can use it as a trackpad. For non-3D Touch devices, the trackpad mode can be activated by long pressing on the spacebar.


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Alexander Wong