You might not be able to afford the Mac Pro but at least you can see how it will look like in your office

The recently announced Mac Pro is a computer that’s not for us mere mortals. With a starting price US$6,000 or over RM25,000, you can configure the Mac Pro with up to 28 cores of Intel Xeon processors, 1.5TB of RAM (yes, RAM) and a whopping 128GB of GPU memory. It’s clear that the Mac Pro is not a machine for Facebooking and watching Netflix.

But if you’re curious to know how Apple’s most powerful computer ever would look in your office or on your desk, you can, thanks to this nifty AR tool that you can access from the official Mac Pro page using an iPad or an iPhone, right here.

The tool allows you to position the Mac Pro (and the Pro Display XDR) wherever you like. For realism, you can resize the Mac Pro to fit your computer or desk.

It’s definitely a fun way to imagine having something you can’t afford.

Amin Ashaari