PLUS to introduce capsule hotels at its R&R next year

PLUS highway is planning to introduce capsule hotels at its Rest & Relax (R&R) stops along the north-south expressway (NSE) next year, according to its director Azman Ismail.

The project is currently in the feasibility study phase and a pilot program is expected to start sometime next year. The accommodation will be called “Time Capsules”.

“We always look at what the consumer needs are… the sleeping capsule or ‘Time Capsules’ as it will be called, will give drivers especially those driving large and heavy vehicles a comfortable place to take a quick nap particularly at night, before they continue on their journey,”, he said at media event in Persada PLUS recently.

PLUS hopes that the capsule hotels will take fatigued drivers off the road thus reducing the number of accidents caused by tired or sleepy drivers behind the wheel.

Quick naps instead of overnight sleep

“PLUS had previously opened hotels along the highway but had to close them down because of the lack of interest. We found out that drivers just want a comfortable place for a quick nap rather than an overnight sleep,” Azman added.

[Image: A capsule hotel in Warsaw. The lockers are on the left of the image, while the sleeping capsules are on the right. image credit]

Amin Ashaari