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Malaysia records 13% increase in average mobile download speeds according to Opensignal

Opensignal has published its latest Global State of Mobile Network Experience report and it appears that Malaysian mobile operators have shown some improvement in the past quarter. According to the Opensignal, Malaysia is currently ranked at 42nd for 4G availability and 56th for mobile download speeds, out of 87 countries.

In the latest report, Opensignal has collected and analysed over 139 billion measures taken from over 43 million devices via the Opensignal app. The report covers a duration from 1st January to 31st March 2019.

They noted that Malaysia’s average download speed for mobile is 11.5Mbps. This is an improvement of 1.3Mbps from the 10.2Mbps average download speed recorded in September 2018. Malaysia also recorded a reasonable 79.6% for 4G availability. This means average Malaysians are connected to a 4G network almost 80% of the time.

For uploads, Malaysian telcos are giving an average speed of 4.6Mbps and an average latency of 51.4ms. As a comparison, Denmark has the highest average upload speed of 15.3Mbps, while Singapore has one of the lowest average latency of 30.2ms.

Based on Opensignal’s measurements, Malaysia is rated Fair in the video experience category with a score of 51.9 out of 100. They noted that this is a slight improvement of over 5 points from their previous report in September 2018. The video streaming experience is evaluated using an ITU-based approach that quantifies factors such as load times, stalling and video resolution on both 3G and 4G networks. Norway is the top-ranked country with a score of 74.7.

You can read the full Global State of Mobile Network Experience report here. For a deeper dive into the respective telco performance in Malaysia, you can check out their last report that was released last month.

Alexander Wong