[Update] Social media goes crazy after this tweet from Maxis

[UPDATE 27/05/2019 18:43]: “Larni” has issued a response on Twitter. According to the latest tweet via @MaxisListens, the tweet about Larni and Alvin is not true and Maxis is currently investigating the matter.

[UPDATE 27/05/2019 19:03]: Larni has also tweeted from her personal account:


Handling social media for a telco isn’t easy. If you follow any telco on Twitter, it is normal to see nasty tweets from disgruntled customers but there’s this one tweet from Maxis that went viral.

At 3:32PM today, @MaxisListens had tweeted what appears to be a complaint of a supervisor which claims to be sent by “Larni”. At the time of posting, the tweet has been deleted but screenshots of it have been circulating online. Unsurprisingly, “Larni” is currently trending on Twitter.

At the moment it isn’t clear if this is a genuine tweet from an unhappy employee or if @MaxisListens was hacked by an outsider. It could be an act of sabotage towards specific employees in the company.

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When we check through the timeline, it appears that the same culprit has responded to other customers like the one below.

We’ve reached out to Maxis for clarification and we will update this post once we have more details.

Alexander Wong