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Redmi K20: Forget the Pocophone, this is Xiaomi’s real flagship killer

The Redmi K20 is expected to be Xiaomi’s new flagship killer and it looks more premium than the Pocophone F1. The official Weibo page has just posted its first official image of the device which reveals the back of the K20.

As seen above, the Redmi K20 will feature a curved glass back design instead of a cheap plastic cover. If you look closely, the rear has an interesting gradient layer that can produce some funky light reflections.

Also seen here is a triple-camera setup that’s aligned vertically in the middle. Since Xiaomi has been pushing 48MP on its current Redmi Note 7 and Xiaomi Mi 9, you can expect the Redmi K20 to feature a 48MP camera as well. This has been confirmed via their teasers on Weibo.

Over at the front, the K20 will definitely come with an edge-to-edge display without a notch since it will be utilising a pop-up selfie camera. Similar to its current Mi 9 and Mi 9 SE, the device will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor.

As shared by Redmi’s General Manager on Weibo, the new flagship smartphone will use an AMOLED panel and it has a built-in 7th gen optical-based fingerprint sensor. He added that the sensor has a larger 7.2-micron pixel size which is double the size of previous generation in-display sensors.

In addition, the scanning area has been increased by 15% for better unlocking. The K20 also comes with a DSP algorithm which will cut down the unlocking time by 10% while increasing its unlocking reliability by 30% in challenging situations.

Powering the Redmi K20 is a large 4,000mAh battery which is likely to be using a USB-C port with QuickCharge support. So far it isn’t clear if Redmi will retain a headphone jack on the K20.

The Redmi K20 which runs on a Snapdragon 855 processor will be revealed on 28th May 2019 and this is also seen as a possible successor to the Pocophone F1. Looking at the specs and features, this is definitely the most premium Redmi smartphone yet.

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Since the current Redmi Note 7 with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage is already priced at RM949 while the Mi 9 with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage is going for RM1,699, how much do you think this K20 will cost? Let us know in the comments below.

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Alexander Wong