Astro to offer 4K UHD box with cloud-based recording very soon

Astro is introducing a new content experience to its customers and this includes a fresh new interface. Before they roll this feature out to all customers, they have kicked off a beta program to gather valuable feedback.

In the first Beta v1 release, Astro is introducing a new interface which provides easier navigation and a greater level of personalisation across multiple screens. The UI which looks like a typical VOD platform promises to offer greater discovery and it makes it easier for you to catch up on the latest shows and movies.

The new interface will be consistent across the TV, tablet and smartphone. According to Astro, you can enjoy your favourite programs without changing your viewing habit regardless of what device you’re on.

At the moment, the beta V1.1 release is open to all Astro residential customers and this excludes those on IPTV and NJOI. You’ll need to have a WiFi enabled PVR and a WiFi connection with at least 10Mbps. It is free to sign up for the beta program and since this isn’t final, you should expect bugs and issues along the way.

Do note that once you’ve upgraded your PVR to the latest software, you can’t rollback to the previous version. You are also required to download the app to try out the new features on your mobile and tablet. Those that are enrolled with Astro’s Beta Program will get access to Astro Super Pack Plus 4 at no extra cost until 30th June 2019. You can learn more from their FAQ.

In the next phase which is Beta v1.2, Astro will be offering eligible users a new TV box that offers a 4K UHD viewing experience. On top of that, it also comes with cloud storage for content recording purposes. At the moment, there’s no timeline for Beta v1.2, but you can register for Beta v1.1 starting today.

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To learn more and if you’re interested to sign up, you can visit Astro’s Beta Program page.

Thanks Josh HD for the tip!

Alexander Wong