MaxisONE Share supplementary lines get double quota upgrade

If you’re a Maxis postpaid customer with additional MaxisONE Share lines, Maxis is offering a major quota upgrade to 20GB for each supplementary line. The upgrade is offered automatically for free and this will increase the overall data pool quota that’s shared by all family members.

MaxisONE Share line users should receive an SMS as shown below. The upgrade will take place between 16th to 25th May 2019 and the new extra quota will be allocated permanently.

At the moment, the MaxisONE Share line at RM48/month comes with 5GB of all-day data which goes into the DataPool and 5GB of weekend data. With this new upgrade, each MaxisONE Share line will get 10GB of data for data pool plus 10GB of data which can be used for all-day usage. As usual, all plans also get unlimited calls and SMS to all networks in Malaysia.

According to the message, the new quota will be reflected in the MyMaxis app after 26th May. If you’re a MaxisONE Prime customer, this upgrade won’t matter to you since all supplementary lines will enjoy unlimited data.

Alexander Wong