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AirAsia’s facial-recognition boarding system can now be activated on your smartphone

Travelling can be stressful and AirAsia wants to make your boarding experience seamless with its new FACES feature. This is a facial recognition system that uses your face to replace your boarding pass.

airasia FACES

According to AirAsia Group CEO, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, you can now register your face on the official AirAsia app. To register, just go to your profile and then tap on “My FACES”. You will be asked to record a short video of your face and submit a copy of your passport. Before you can start using FACES, you’ll need to do a one-time verification with their ground staff. Once that’s done, you can just walk through their gates without showing your boarding pass.

At the moment, FACES is only available at Senai Airport in Johor and they hope to roll out this feature to more airports throughout the country. According to AirAsia, the FACES feature can help to speed up the boarding process and it has a success rate of 98%. FACES is available only for adults aged 18 and above. You can learn more from their FAQ.

Previously, passengers will need to register their face through a kiosk located around the check-in counter area. With the updated app, you can perform this step anytime with your smartphone.

AirAsia FACES – Automated boarding gate with facial recognition

Quick look at AirAsia FACES. It’s an automated boarding gate system with facial recognition. You can board your flight faster without having to show your boarding pass and ID. Currently it’s only available at Senai International Airport in Johor Bahru. ‪#airasia #faces #senai #johor

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