TM introduces Unifi Mobile Biz plans from RM39

After introducing four new consumer mobile postpaid plans on Unifi, TM has just revealed its mobile postpaid options for business users. There are currently a total of four options and it starts from RM39/month.

There are two fixed quota and two unlimited quota options. For lite users, the Unifi Mobile Biz 39 at RM39/month comes with 5GB of data (4GB LTE + 1GB 3G/LTE), 50 minutes of calls and 25 SMS. If you need more, the RM59/month plan gives you double the quota with 10GB (9GB LTE + 1GB 3G/LTE) data and 100 minutes of voice calls, however, SMS remains at 25 SMS.

The pricing for the unlimited plan is dependent on the number of lines you apply. If you’re getting for less than 5 lines, it will cost you RM99/month for unlimited voice, sms and data. For businesses that subscribe to 5 lines and above, you can enjoy the same perks at RM79/month per line. Essentially, you’re getting RM20 off per line if you sign up with a minimum of 5 lines in a single account.

For the non-unlimited plan, Unifi Mobile is also offering add-on options for data, calls and SMS. Do note that the plans come with complimentary 10GB of LTE hotspot data. In case you’re wondering, these business postpaid plans are not tied with any contract.

According to the FAQ, customers are encouraged to use an LTE smartphone that supports Band 5 (850MHz). It also mentions that customers that are found making more than 2,000 minutes of calls and/or using more than 5GB of data on a non-LTE device will be subjected to their fair usage policy.

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To learn more, check out Unifi Mobile’s business page.

Alexander Wong