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U Mobile to offer the Huawei P30 from RM1,099 with its unlimited HERO postpaid plan

If the current Huawei P30 series contract offers from the big three telcos are not what you’re looking for, U Mobile will soon offer the photographic-centric flagship devices on contract. Unlike the rest, the Huawei P30 will be offered with its unlimited hero postpaid that comes with unlimited data.

The full bundled pricing isn’t revealed yet but based on their website’s teaser, the Huawei P30 will be offered from RM1,099. Looking at their current Android smartphone offering, the device is likely to be offered with two plan options – Unlimited Hero P99 plan and its higher Unlimited Hero P139 plan, which are similar to U Mobile’s Galaxy S10 offering.

To recap, both plans offer unlimited calls as well as unlimited data with no speed caps. However, the P99 plan comes with 30GB of hotspot data as well as 3GB for Roam-Onz that you can use in 12 countries. The higher P139 plan gets 50GB of hotspot data as well as 3GB of Roam-Onz global that covers 36 countries in 5 continents.

We are guessing that the RM1,099 Huawei P30 offer will be tied with a 24-month contract on Unlimited Hero P139 postpaid. As usual, we expect U Mobile to require an upfront payment during sign up which will be rebated back to offset your upcoming bills.

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