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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are having outages at the moment

Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Down

If you woke up this morning having difficulty accessing Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, you’re not alone. The three popular social media platforms are currently experiencing outages at the moment making it difficult to view your latest feed and posting new updates.

On Facebook, it appears that access via their website (desktop and web) is down at the moment, however, it seems to be working fine if you’re using their mobile app. Unfortunately, we can’t post anything new on our personal and Facebook page.

This issue also affects 3rd party website logins that use Facebook. Meanwhile, Instagram is having intermittent issues loading the latest feed, search results and notification.

According to the Verge, instant messaging service, WhatsApp was down for some users but it appears to be up and running in Malaysia. What we do noticed is that you can’t send pictures to anyone at the moment but text messages are working fine.

Both Facebook and Instagram have posted an update via Twitter that they are aware of the ongoing issue. They also mentioned that they are working to resolve it as soon as possible.

On top of that, VR platform Oculus is also affected as well with some users complaining having difficulty logging in to any multiplayer games purchased via Oculus store as well as their Oculus Home environments.

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Yesterday, Google had faced service interruptions as well. Several users have difficulty accessing their Gmail and Google Drive account which was frustrating for those who rely on them for work.

Are you having issues as well? Do let us know in the comments below.


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