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Malaysia will begin 5G test in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya starting next month

Malaysia will kickoff its 5G pioneer test beginning April 2019. Cyberjaya and Putrajaya will be Malaysia’s first smart cities to receive 5G technology facilities according to the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Gobind Singh Deo.

The tests will be conducted by telecommunications service and industry players with assistance from MCMC. While officiating the Cyberjaya Infra Conference and Exhibition 2019 event, he mentioned that the 5G initiative or test is important to determine the subsequent measures in aspects of 5G technology usage in the future. There’s no fixed period for the implementation of the test, but he hoped that a new indicator can be achieved through the test within six months.

Responding to security concerns on 5G infrastructure, the Minister has iterated that security aspect was the government’s priority in making all decisions including the aspect of new technology infrastructure development. He added that the government could not ignore the fact that the world was moving towards 5G and they want to provide infrastructure that is accessible, of high quality and with reasonable cost. At the same time, they want to provide an infrastructure that’s secure.

He also mentioned that MCMC is conducting a study with the National Agency for Cyber Security (NACSA) and are also looking into foreign countries’ assessment to ensure that the 5G network is safe before it could be implemented.

5G is a new mobile technology that not only delivers faster speed but it also opens up more possibilities with lower latency and higher capacity to support more devices. At the moment, Malaysia has yet to allocate 5G spectrum for telcos and realistically, we expect commercial 5G implementation sometime in 2020.

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