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This Energizer smartphone has a 18,000 mAh battery that can jump start your car

Now I know you’ve seen folding phones and sliding phones and super slim smartphones before, but have you seen a smartphone with an 18,000 mAh battery in it?

Holy guacamole. Also, that’s not a typo, because the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop does indeed feature a 18,000 mAh battery. That’s bigger than many powerbanks.

I honestly wasn’t expecting much when my colleague Hanif from SoyaCincau BM dragged me to the Energizer booth to check out their new smartphone. I was under the impression that a phone with a big battery would be like 5,000 mAh? Maybe 6,000 mAh? Maybe it’s slightly fatter than the wafer thin flagships we’ve seen being pushed out. None of that prepared me for the monstrosity that was the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop.

It’s almost comical how large this smartphone is, because it doesn’t look like Energizer took the time to design a solution to hide, or integrate, this smartphone’s gigantic power cell. Instead, you’ve got what is essentially a regular smartphone, but 3X fatter on the side. It’s a brick, basically, and it’s hilariously awesome.

Despite the apparent apathetic approach to design, the P18K Pop is a surprisingly comfortable smartphone to hold. If you can ignore its comically thick sides, the back is gently curved in a way that fits nicely into your palm so it makes for a very secure grip.

Inside, the handset is powered by a MediaTek Helip P70 processor mated to 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Up front, theres a 6.2-inch Full HD display with absolutely no notch and really slim bezels.

This is possible because the handset features a pop-up selfie camera that’s not unlike the Vivo NEX smartphone. At the touch of a button, the camera pops up and you’ll get access to the 12MP + 2MP dual selfie camera. At the back, it actually packs a triple camera 16MP + 5MP + 2MP module.

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But, of course, the highlight of this smartphone is the 18,000 mAh battery. Reportedly, the smartphone is capable of continuously watching videos for two whole days without any issue. What’s more, Energizer says that the gigantic battery can also be used — in an emergency — to jump start your car as well as charge other handsets. While OTG charging is definitely understandable, I don’t see any special ports beyond the USB-C port that might be used to jump start a car. Can you jump start a car with a USB-C port on your phone?

In any case, this handset is an absolute beast of a device. It’s huge, it’s heavy and it looks so comical that I kind of want one just for the fun of it. Unfortunately, there’s no news on when or if this handset will come to Malaysia. However, even if it were to land locally, it will probably cost quite the pretty penny. Right now, the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop is priced at USD799, which works out to about RM3,200.

So, this or something like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro?