Gobind Singh tells TM to be more sensitive when dealing with customers

UPDATE: TM has reached out to us and they have provided the following statement:

We refer to the article ‘Gobind Singh tells TM to be more sensitive when dealing with customers’ published in SoyaCincau on 20 February 2019.
First and foremost, we deeply apologise to Ms Caroleena D’Cruz and her father for the unpleasant experience they have encountered. We would like to assure all our customers that they are our utmost priority.
We would like to clarify that we have immediately reached out to Ms D’Cruz to address her and her father’s concerns and have resolved the issue yesterday. We also would like to update that our Acting Group Chief Executive Officer (AGCEO), Imri Mokhtar and TM leaders personally paid a visit to the D’Cruz’s family to make right on the unpleasant customer experience that clearly should not have happened.
Customer service is the cornerstone of our business and we will be taking learnings and implementing changes to our operating procedures to ensure a better customer experience. Our aim is to do everything we can to ensure that all employees who represent TM are empowered to serve customers with the best customer experience possible.
We have also declared on our social media that 2019 is the year TM makes a renewed pledge to all our customers – where customers will be put first and where TM takes lead from our AGCEO to shape this mindset throughout the organisation. A new TM that admits its shortcomings and will continue to strive to do better; for our customers and all our stakeholders – to make life easier for a better Malaysia.


A few days ago, an 88-year old wheelchair-bound man had to go through a tedious process just to terminate his TM fixed line. He was a long term customer for about 50 years and TM had insisted that he has to come to a TMpoint in person in order to terminate his line.

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The man’s daughter had shared the bad experience via The Malaysian Insight and the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Gobind Singh, had responded on the matter via Twitter.

According to the original article, the daughter of the elderly man had tried to find ways to terminate the landline on his behalf. When she asked if she could bring an authorisation letter, she was told that it was not allowed. Apparently, a doctor’s letter is required to prove her dad’s immobility.

When she took her father to the nearest “TMpoint” at Bandar Sunway, she discovered that the outlet was only a dealership and they can’t handle terminations. Even after calls to TM’s hotline, the telco had insisted that her father had to come to a TMpoint in person despite her willingness to provide any additional documentations to ease the process.

After the matter came to light, Gobind Singh had told TM to be more sensitive to their customers’ needs. He added that this isn’t the first complaint about customer treatment and he urged them to take action while ensuring that this situation does not happen again.

At the time of writing, it appears that TM has resolved the issue with the customer. According to the man’s daughter, TM has finally terminated the line and they have also reached out to her father personally to express regret on the matter.

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Terminating a line with TM whether it is a land line or Unifi can be very troublesome. Effective August 2018, customers are required to go through a two step process. First, you’ll need to give them a 30 days notice and then you’ll have to head to a TMPoint outlet in person to terminate the line. TM has closed down several TMPoint outlets so you have to double check if the nearest branch is still operating.

Have you faced issues terminating a line with TM? Let us know your experience in the comment section down below.


Alexander Wong