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Netflix stops offering iTunes billing for new subscribers

Netflix Malaysia

Netflix no longer provides the option for Apple users to subscribe via their iTunes account. Existing users on iOS devices won’t have to worry as this new change only affects new subscribers.

According to their FAQ, existing subscribers that are billed via iTunes may continue with their current billing method until it is cancelled. iTunes billing will not be available to new or rejoining customers. That means new subscribers will need to subscribe by adding a valid credit/debit card or purchase a Netflix gift card at 7 Eleven.

For those who wish to switch from iTunes to direct billing will have to cancel their billing from iTunes first before restarting their membership via Netflix’s website. For more info on cancelling iTunes billing, you can refer to their guide.

With the move to drop iTunes, Netflix can enjoy greater savings as it won’t need to share a cut of their revenue with Apple. However, it is worth pointing out that subscription via iTunes in Malaysia is slightly cheaper for the Premium membership. On iTunes, it costs RM49.90/month while Netflix charges RM51/month for the same premium subscription.

In case you missed it, the Premium subscription allows you to stream up to 4 screens simultaneously and it supports Ultra HD resolution. For those who are looking for a cheaper option, the streaming service is testing out a RM17/month mobile only option in Malaysia.

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