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CONNECTme offers satellite broadband with unlimited quota for RM138/month

Can’t get Fibre broadband or a stable 4G connection? CONNECTme is now running a new promo where you can get a satellite broadband plan for as low as RM98/month. For heavy users, there’s also an unlimited quota option at RM138/month.

Priced at RM158/month during the last promo, the 60GB satellite broadband plan is now going for only RM98/month and it doesn’t appear to come with any split quota for off-peak and on-peak hours. The plan still offers download speeds up to 25Mbps and if you’ve depleted your quota, you can top up data from RM20 for 5GB, RM30 for 10GB and RM40 for 20GB.

If you definitely need more than 60GB per month, they are finally offering an unlimited option at RM138/month. You also get to enjoy speeds of up to 25Mbps, however, they reserve the right to deprioritise your connection behind other users during network congestion if you’ve exceeded 100GB during your current billing cycle.

During sign up, you’ll need to pay 2 months subscription for deposit and advance payment, plus an installation fee of RM250. Extra charges may apply if your location is beyond 30KM from the nearest city. This new promo price is valid for sign-ups before 30 December 2018 and it’s tied with a 24-month contract. You’ll get a satellite dish and a modem but the wireless router is not included.

Unlike fibre and 4G broadband, CONNECTme promises 100% coverage throughout Malaysia as it utilises MEASAT’s network of satellites. This is an alternative broadband solution for underserved areas especially those who are still stuck with Streamyx. Although the satellite service is capable of download speeds of 25Mbps, the latency can be as high as 500ms since satellites are 36,000KM away from earth. It isn’t suitable for online gaming, but it should be fine for other usages such as web browsing, video streaming and VOIP.

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For more info, you can check out CONNECTme’s website.

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Alexander Wong